ALARM COMPATIBLE LOAD EQUALIZER When either a Panacea System or a Run-Turn-Brake Controller is installed on a late-model H-D equipped with a factory security system (TSSM) and L.E.D. or low-draw turn signals, the security remains fully functional. Our products do not disable the system in any way. If you find the illuminated security light offensive, simply plugging in this optional load equalizer will correct the situation. FOR HARlEY-DAViDsON® Fits: For use on '90-'13 H-D models (except '11-'13 Softail and '12-'13 Dyna Models). Plug-and-Play installation when used with kuryakyn Panacea Taillight, Run-Turn-Brake Controller or Load Equalizer Adapter. 4857 Alarm Compatible Load Equalizer (ea) $29.99 LOAD EQUALIZERS These load equalizers work great in custom applications where OEM turn signals have been removed and replaced with low-draw L.E.D. or small incandescent turn signals. MUlTi-FiT 4807 4-Amp Load Equalizer (ea) Fits: Universal 12v Applications $19.99 4810 2 Amp Load Equalizer (ea) Fits: Universal Load Equalizer for use when stock turn signals are replaced with L.E.D. or other low-draw lights. One required for each pair of lights. $19.99 ACCESSORY FUSED TERMINAL An easy way to add multiple electronic accessories to your bike without stacked battery terminals. Provides 20-amp main fuse protection, one 10-amp fused connection, and two 5-amp fused connections. 3-1/2" long, 1-3/4" wide, 7/8" high. MUlTi-FiT Fits: Universal 12V Applications 2208 Fused Accessory Terminal (ea) $59.99 PASSING LAMP ADAPTERS Allows installation of '05-later style passing lamps on '04-earlier H-D Motorcycles. FOR HARlEY-DAViDsON® Fits: Allows Plug-&-Play Installation of '05-'17 Style Passing Lamps on '04-Earlier H-D Models 5494 Passing Lamp Adapters (pr) $16.99 HEADLAMP ADAPTER HARNESS FOR 2014-2017 TOURiNg MODEls Allows L.E.D. headlights with H4 style plugs to be installed on '14-'17 H-D Models. FOR HARlEY-DAViDsON® Fits: '14-'17 Electra Glides, Road Kings, Street Glides & Trikes 5487 Headlamp Adapter Harness for '14-'17 Touring & Trike (ea) $19.99 Note: Road king models require cut-and-splice installation. TOTAL CONTROL PASSING LAMP HARNESSES Enables passing lamps to remain lit with high beams on. FOR HARlEY-DAViDsON® 5496 Fits: '98-'13 Electra Glides & Trikes with Passing Lamps (ea) $19.99 5495 Fits: '96-'17 FL Softail Models with Passing Lamps & '97-'13 Road King Models with Passing Lamps (ea) $19.99 5495 4857 2208 4810 4807 5494 5487 5496 866.277. 9598 kURYAkYN.COM 48 FOR HARLEY-DAVIDSON ® lighting load eQualiZeRs & adapteRs