5492 908 4837 PULSATING BRAKE CONTROLLERS Activate brake lights to flash automatically for 3 seconds and then stay on with a single squeeze of your brakes. Does not harm the life of your lights. FOR HARlEY-DAViDsON® 5492 Fits: '10-'13 FLHx Street Glides & '10-'13 FLTRx Road Glide Customs (ea) $89.99 5493 Fits: '97-'13 Electra Glides, '98-'09 Road Glides (except '09 FLTRSE),'11- '13 Road Glide Ultras, '97-'13 Road Kings,'06-'09 Street Glides, '09-'13 Tri Glide, '10-'11 Street Glide Trike, '96-'10 Softails (except '08-'10 FxCW/C & '10 FLSTSE), '97-'11 Dynas (except '09-'11 FxDB, '10-'11 FxDWG) & '99-'03 Sportsters (ea) Note: Provides 3 seconds of deceleration flashing brake lights. $79.99 MUlTi-FiT Fits: Universal for 12V Applications (Not Compatible with CAN Bus Systems) 908 Pulsating Brake Controller (ea) $69.99 Note: Installation of this product may be in violation of FMVSS # 108. Requires Hard Wiring and is not compatible with kuryakyn Panacea, Run-Turn-Brake Controllers or Trailer Wiring Harnesses. SELF-REGULATING LOAD EQUALIZER This technologically advanced load equalizer won't overheat, even when subjected to 4-way flashers, nonstop security system flashing while trailering, or when stuck at never-ending red traffic lights. Plug-&-play when used with kuryakyn Panacea, Run-Turn-Brake Controller, or Load Equalizer Adapters. Can also be spliced in custom applications. FOR HARlEY-DAViDsON® Fits: For use on '90-'13 H-D models (except '11-'13 Softail and '12-'13 Dyna Models). Plug- and-Play installation when used with kuryakyn Panacea Taillight, Run-Turn-Brake Controller or Load Equalizer Adapter. 5498 Self-Regulating Load Equalizer (ea) $59.99 LOAD EQUALIZER ADAPTERS These handy adapters allow splice-free installation of kuryakyn load equalizers equipped with 3-pin connectors. FOR HARlEY-DAViDsON® 4837 Fits: '97-'13 Electra Glides, '98-'13 Road Glides (except '09 FLTRSE, '10-'13 FLTRx, '12-'13 FLTRxSE), '06-'09 Street Glides, '97-'13 Road Kings (except '13 FLHRSE), '96-'10 Softails (except '08-'10 FxCW/C, '10 FLSTSE), '97-'11 Dynas (except '09-'11 FxDB, '10-'11 FxDWG), '99-'03 Sportsters (ea) $14.99 5499 Fits: '10-'13 FLHx Street Glides (except FLHxSE) &'10-'13 FLTRx Road Glide Customs (except FLTRxSE) (ea) $29.99 5499 5498 47 NEW FEATURED BIKES COLLECTIONS Audio Lighting Accessory Mounts Handlebar Controls,Grips & Mirrors Pegs & Foot Controls Covers,Trims & Accents Air Cleaners Crusher Exhaust Air Cleaners Performance Components Touring & Comfort Windshields & Air Management Luggage Organizers & Storage Covers INDEX FOR HARLEY-DAVIDSON ® kURYAkYN .CO M 866.277.9598 ContRolleRs & flashing modules lighting load eQualiZeRs & adapteRs lighting