FAIRING MOUNTED DRIVING LIGHTS WITH TURN SIGNALS FOR ROAD gliDE U.S. Patents D597,230 & D606,215 This kit's unique bracket configuration allows placement of compact lights in the same location as the stock turn signals, while also permitting full adjustment to provide additional lighting for the rider. Combines sleek DOT-approved H3 driving lights with bullet-style turn signals in a tidy, good-looking package. Bolt-on installation replaces stock turn signal assemblies, and includes plug-&-play wiring kit that utilizes stock accessory switch. FOR HARlEY-DAViDsON® Fits: '98-'13 Road Glides 5007 Chrome (set) $399.99 5052 Gloss Black (set) $399.99 Note: This kit includes a 12-Pin Wiring Adapter that places control of the driving lights on the motorcycle's Accessory switch. If you already have accessories wired to this switch, you will have to choose an alternative wiring method (sold separately). Alternatives include replacing the stock Accessory switch with a kuryakyn Double Rocker Switch, P/N 2201, or adding a Kuryakyn Universal Driving Light Wiring Relay kit, P/N's 2202, 2203 or 2328. If you have an empty switch location on the dash, you could purchase an OEM switch from an authorized H-D dealership. ENGINE GUARD MOUNTED DRIVING LIGHTS If you ride at night, these are a must-have. Featuring 3" DOT-approved lights and 1-1/4" clamps, they bolt on with ease. The 35 watt halogen bulbs have what it takes to penetrate the darkness. Clamp and lights rotate for limitless adjustment. MUlTi-FiT Fits: Universal Mounting for 1-1/4" Engine Guards (Requires 1-1/2" of Straight Bar) 5019 Engine Guard Mounted Driving Lights (pr) $229.99 Note: Not compatible with Fairing Lowers. Necessary connectors are included to wire the lights to the existing Accessory Switch. For bikes without an Accessory Switch or if the switch is already used, we recommend one of our Wiring & Relay kits, P/N 2202, 2203 or 2328, sold separately. 5007 5052 5007 don't foRget Universal Driving Light Wiring & Relay kit with Handlebar Mounted Switch PG 49 Driving Light Wiring & Relay kit with Control Mounted Switch PG 49 Universal Driving Light Wiring & Relay 5019 5019 5007 866.277. 9598 kURYAkYN.COM 38 FOR HARLEY-DAVIDSON ® lighting headlights & dRiVing lights