125 NEW FEATURED BIKES COLLECTIONS Audio Lighting Accessory Mounts Handlebar Controls,Grips & Mirrors Pegs & Foot Controls Covers,Trims & Accents Air Cleaners Crusher Exhaust Air Cleaners Performance Components Touring & Comfort Windshields & Air Management Luggage Organizers & Storage Covers INDEX foR hARLeY-DAViDSoN ® kuryakyn .co m 866.277.9598 FootPeg & FloorBoard reloCators Pegs & Foot Controls ADJUStABLe LoCKABLe offSetS adjust your pegs 2" or 4" forward, back, up or down for perfect comfort. 360° of lockable adjustability. kuryakyn male mount Pegs sold separately. Multi-Fit Fits: H-D Style male mount applications & Typical male mount cruise Peg applications 4557 4" adjustable Lockable offset with male mount adapters (pr) $99.99 4556 2" adjustable Lockable offset with male mount adapters (pr) $99.99 Fits: Direct replacement for H-D Style male mount Footpegs. universal Fitment for Footpegs with male mount adapters for Typical cruise Peg applications 4559 4" adjustable Lockable offset without male mount (pr) $79.99 note: not recommended for use on mounts fastened to the motorcycle with only a single fastener. Leverage applied by the offset arm will cause the mount to twist and loosen from the motorcycle. fLiP BLADeS These stealthy highway pegs bolt in place on the bottom of Traditional or Swept Wing H-D floorboards and fold out to lock in place. The hinged design eliminates cornering touch-downs, and release lever reverts the blades to original positioning. For Harley-DaviDson® For sWept WinG BoarDs Fits: '04-'05 FLHTcSE, '09 FLTrSE, '10-'13 & '15-'17 FLTrX/S, '12-'13 FLTrXSE, '04-'07 FLHrS/I, '07-'08 & '13-'14 FLHrSE, '06-'17 FLHX/I, '14-'17 FLHXS, '10-'12 FLHXSE, '10-'12 FLSTSE, '14-'15 FLSTnSE or any H-D model Equipped with H-D Swept Wing Shape Boards. 7541 Flip Blades (pr) $199.99 7557 reduced reach Flip Blades (pr) $199.99 For traDitional BoarDs Fits: '84-'17 Electra Glide classics and Standards (except '04-'05 FLHTcSE), '84-'96 Tour Glides, '98-'09 road Glides (except '09 FLTrSE), '94-'17 road kings (except '04-'07 FLHrS, '07-'08 & '13-'14 FLHrSE),'10-'11 Street Glide Trike, '86-'08 FLST/FLSTc, '90-'17 FLSTF, '93-'96 FLSTn, '97-'03 FLSTS, '05-'07 FLSTSc, '12-'16 Dyna Switchback 7540 Flip Blades (pr) $199.99 7556 reduced reach Flip Blades (pr) $199.99 note: not recommended for use with fairing lowers. 4556 Adjust Your Pegs 2" or 4" 4559 4557 7540 Arms Fold Away Discreetly When Not In Use original reduced reach more oPtions ENGINE GUARDS PG 127 ENGINE GUARDS