115 NEW FEATURED BIKES COLLECTIONS Audio Lighting Accessory Mounts Handlebar Controls,Grips & Mirrors Pegs & Foot Controls Covers,Trims & Accents Air Cleaners Crusher Exhaust Air Cleaners Performance Components Touring & Comfort Windshields & Air Management Luggage Organizers & Storage Covers INDEX foR hARLeY-DAViDSoN ® kuryakyn .co m 866.277.9598 FloorBoards & FloorBoard Covers Pegs & Foot Controls iSo® -BoARDS For Driver & passenGer ISo-Boards are a great-looking and comfortable alternative to the lackluster original equipment floorboards. rubber ISo-ribs run the full length of the board, providing both traction and comfort. Longer than stock length offers more room on hauls. For Harley-DaviDson® CoMBo set 7902 combo Set - 7905 ISo-Boards & 7906 ISo-Passenger Boards (set) Fits: '93-'17 Electra Glides, '94-'17 road kings (except, '04-'07 FLHrS, '02-'03, '07-'08, '13-'14 FLHrSE), '98-'17 road Glides (except '00-'01, '09 FLTrSE, '10-'13 FLTrX & '12-'13 FLTrXSE), '93-'96 Tour Glides, '09-'17 Trikes and '86-'17 FL Softail models & '12-'16 Dyna Switchback with H-D accessory Passenger Floorboard kits $399.99 For Driver or passenGer 7906 ISo-Passenger Boards (pr) Fits: '93-'17 Electra Glides, '98-'09 road Glides (except '00-'01 & '09 FLTrSE), '11-'13 & '16-'17 FLTru road Glide ultras, '94-'17 road kings (except, '04-'07 FLHrS; '02-'03, '07-'08 & '13-'14 FLHrSE), '93-'96 Tour Glides, '09-'17 Trikes and '86-'17 Softail & '06-'17 Dyna models with H-D accessory Passenger Floorboard kits $189.99 7905 ISo-Boards (pr) Fits: '83-'17 Electra Glides, road Glides, road kings, Street Glides, Tour Glides, Trikes, '86-'17 FL Softail models & '12-'16 Dyna Switchback $299.99 iSo® -BoARD CoNVeRSioNS For Driver or passenGer These kits include our finely chromed ISo-Boards and a cast bracket to connect the board to the slip-resistant splined adapter (sold separately). Multi-Fit Fits: See Fitment chart Left 7916 ISo-Board conversions for Driver or Passenger (pr) $199.99 4455 ISo-Board conversions for Passenger (pr) $219.99 note: Boards should not be installed in place of a footpeg on a peg mount secured with a single fastener and no anti-rotation mechanism. The board will apply too much force and loosen the mount from the bike. Passenger applications for Softail and Dyna requires anti-rotation Floorboard mounts for installation. Installation on other models in place of a male mount footpeg requires P/n 8883. p/n 4455 is recommended for Passenger use only; bracket design elevates board above existing peg location about 1-1/4". p/n 7916 can be used for Driver or Passenger. Verify operation of existing shift lever & brake pedal will not be adversely effected by installation. DeterMine tHe style tHat Best Fits your appliCation: 4455 ConFiGuration 7916 ConFiGuration 7905 7902 7906 7905 7916 4455