113 NEW FEATURED BIKES COLLECTIONS Audio Lighting Accessory Mounts Handlebar Controls,Grips & Mirrors Pegs & Foot Controls Covers,Trims & Accents Air Cleaners Crusher Exhaust Air Cleaners Performance Components Touring & Comfort Windshields & Air Management Luggage Organizers & Storage Covers INDEX foR hARLeY-DAViDSoN ® kuryakyn .co m 866.277.9598 2-1/2" FootPegs, shiFt Pegs & Brake Pedal Pads Pegs & Foot Controls 8076 SWiNgWiNg PegS u.S. Patent D560,562 a convenient fold-forward, comfortable cruise peg that fastens in place of your stock peg and provides a secondary fold-out peg 3" forward. Multi-Fit Fits: See Fitment chart Left 4466 SwingWing Pegs with male mount adapter (pr) $169.99 4467 SwingWing Pegs without male mount adapter (pr) $159.99 SWitChBLADe PegS u.S. Patents D506,707 & 6,893,038 In their standard compact mode, they are a large-surface-area, rubber-isolated footpeg. Deploy the concealed heel rest and now you have the added fatigue-fighting comfort of the famous kuryakyn ISo-Stirrups. although this setup will work in any peg location, these are the ideal footpegs for bikes using forward controls or as forward-mounted cruise pegs. Multi-Fit Fits: See Fitment chart Left 4445 Switchblade Pegs with male mount adapter (pr) $139.99 4446 Switchblade Pegs without male mount adapter (pr) $129.99 iSo® -Peg StiRRUPS WitH Male Mount aDapters We added a heel rest to our popular ISo-Pegs to give you floorboard- like comfort without the added bulk. Multi-Fit Fits: See Fitment chart Left 8074 ISo-Stirrups without Pegs (pr) $99.99 8076 ISo-Stirrups with Small ISo-Pegs (pr) $129.99 8075 ISo-Stirrups with Large ISo-Pegs (pr) $129.99 8062 ISo-Stirrups with Dually Pegs (pr) $139.99 iSo® -StiRRUPS foR h-D CUStoM PegS Quick and easy to install, simply remove the male mount from the peg and replace it with the stirrup assembly. For Harley-DaviDson® See kuryakyn.com for specific H-D compatible part numbers 4554 Fits: 1-3/4" Shaft (pr) $109.99 4555 Fits: 3-5/8" Shaft (pr) $109.99 iSo® -StiRRUPS WitHout Male Mount aDapters The unbelievable comfort of our stirrup heel rests allow floorboard- like support to reduce fatigue on longer rides. Multi-Fit Fits: See Fitment chart Left 4028 ISo-Stirrups without male mount adapters (pr) $89.99 note: compatible with Large ISo-Pegs, Dually ISo-Pegs, retro Pegs, SweptWing Pegs, Large Trident Pegs, Dually Trident Pegs & Flamin' Pegs. 4028 8074 8075 3-5/8" 1-3/4" 4554 4555 5-1/2" 13/16" 9-3/8" 7" 4-1/4" 1" 4-13/16" 5" 4445 cLoSED 4445 oPEn 4466 oPEn 6-1/4" 1-1/4" 4-1/2"